Vision and Mission

Our polytechnic envisions to be an ideal polytechnic in the state, moulding the students to be potential professionals with all skills of a true diploma engineer in their respective branches, stimulating their inherent spirits of innovation and creativity with good ethical values to become competent contributors to the Nation’s wealth and advancements in engineering world. Vision: To be an ideal polytechnic in the state, by creating a highly encouraging environment for motivating the diploma students tobecome enthusiastic and skilled technicians with innovative mind adapting to the challenges of the industry and socially responsible citizens with good ethics and become good and exemplary technicians catering to the needs of midlevel requirements of the industry/organizations. Mission Our vision is materialized by following mission mode objectives like:

  • Creating a teaching-learning environment promoting inquisitive, creative and motivating conditions with healthy competition with good inclusiveness without any scope to any kind of bias.
  • Providing equal opportunities to all the students for enabling them to identify their core strengths in becoming highly motivated and skilled individuals with good wisdom.
  • Making all the teachers to become good felicitators for creating a team spirit in all the curricular and extracurricular activities for developing good technical, communication and interpersonal skills to all the students.
  • Arranging the required facilities and different programs within the available resources for the staff and students to make all, career and growth oriented individuals, fostering an overall personality development with good ethical values and interpersonal skills.
  • Conducting different activities involving all the staff and students to realize the social responsibilities and involve in all the departmental and college activities with a positive approach for their own value addition.