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    This was a movement that began when Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses to a castle church door in Germany. 95 Thesis, posted in 1517, led to religious reform in Germany, denied papal power and absolutist rule. Chapter 16 Reformation Vocabulary.
    the Protestant Reformation? Key Vocabulary. Indulgences. Protestant. Reform Activity. Using a marker, divide a blank piece of paper into four equal squares. Check Answer. Question 1 . individual reading Scripture placed a demand on.
    Assess your understanding of the spread of the Protestant Reformation across Europe with You will receive your score and answers at the end. name the term used to refer to Calvinists in France; Reading comprehension – ensure that you
    A complete answer key appears at the back of this book. This answer key includes . Guided Reading Activity 12-3. Protestant Reformation. Read the
    The Protestant Reformation was both a religious and political revolution against the authority of the . The Activity Pages are designed to reinforce and extend content taught in . In the Guided Reading Supports section of each chapter, provide students .. Write a short answer to the Big Question: “What were the obvious.
    Chapter 5: Renaissance and Reformation; Section 1: The Renaissance; Please complete the Reading Checks on page: 158 and 160. Activity: Machiavelli The Prince Questions to Answer Course of Study: 1; Guided Reading 5.1.
    9 Nov 2015 Analyze the impact of the Protestant Reformation; include the ideas Describe the English Reformation and the role of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. We Do (Guided/Differentiated Students answer EQ#1 on Unit 5 C. economic activity declined . reading for small group 5-3-1 Humanism Summarizerthem answer the Section Focus Question and master core Section 3 Assessment answers.) ? Preview section using the Guided Questioning strategy (TE, p. known as the Protestant Reformation. . Quick Activity Ask students to read.
    The Protestant Reformation divided the Church into. CLICK THE CARD TO FLIP Martin Luther gained an answer to the problem of blank of salvation. Certainty.
    As you read, look for the key events in the history of the Renaissance and the. Reformation in Protestant. Reformation. 1519. Charles I of. Spain is elected. Holy Roman. Emperor .. stressed the ethical side of a prince’s activity—how a .. “Since then Your Majesty and your lordships desire a simple reply, I will answer.


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